Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 4 March, 2015

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

4 March, 2015


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A – This article gives you an outline of non-violent protest techniques.  This one is an action, based on these techniques, where people, hopelessly in debt from student loans from a corrupt chain of for-profit colleges, are refusing to pay any more.  Is this civil disobedience justified by Congresses failure to adequately control for-profit colleges?  Is it likely to achieve its narrow, even wider, ends.

B –  On the streets of Ajijic and the surrounding area, can you recognize a Canadian?  If so, what gives them away?  (Phil)

C – As an economist, I believe certain functions can only be provided by governments.  This article is a hilarious story of how BitCoin is failing because without government enforcing rules there is rampant cheating and murderous “private” enforcement.  Do you agree with me that establishing contract rules and policing them is a government function? Can government improve its service in this area?

D –  On Tuesday, Netanyahu will address the US Congress.  He will be speaking to the Israeli electorate and was invited by Speaker Boehner for US political reasons.  How do you thing the dust will settle?

E – When things get bad here we can get cheer up somewhat by looking at Greece and the Euro Zone.  For an extra boost read this long article by a columnist/boogyman from England and therefore not directly involved.  What do both sides need to do?

F – This article believes that robots will save us all by raising productivity so much that we will get to buy what we want?  I do not doubt that robotics will increase productivity, but will lead to full employment, or a larger underclass?

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