Comments for LCS Philosophy Group

Comments for LCS Philosophy Group.

Baumeister, the guy we are reading about has a nice take on free will.  (From Wikipedia)

Free will[edit]

Baumeister approaches the topic of free will from the view-point of evolutionary psychology. He has listed the major aspects that make up free will as self-control, rational, intelligent choice, planful behavior, and autonomous initiative.[9] Baumeister proposes that “the defining thrust of human psychological evolution was selection in favor of cultural capability” [10] and that these four psychological capabilities evolved to help humans function in the context of culture. On his view, free will is an advanced form of action control that allows humans to act in pro-social ways towards their enlightened self-interest when acting in these ways would otherwise be in conflict with the fulfillment of evolutionarily older drives or instincts.[11] Research by Baumeister and colleagues (principally Kathleen Vohs) has shown that disbelief in free will can lead people to act in ways that are harmful to themselves and society, such as cheating on a test, increased aggression, decreased helpfulness, lower achievement levels in the workplace, and possible barriers to beating addiction.[12][13][14][15]

Worth thinking about and not pop.