LCS Discussion Group Bill Schrader Pavilion April 29, 2015

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A – According to Wiki, the Powell Memorandum to the US Chamber of Commerce launched the privileged’s attack on the rest of us in August, 1971.  Powell was a judge and in two months became a Justice in the Supreme Court.  He wrote the majority opinion in First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti (1978), which overturned a Massachusetts law restricting corporate contributions to referendum campaigns not directly related to their business.[26]  This opinion grounded the Robert’s court decision on campaign funding (Citizens United).

On reading the report, I was surprised to find its reasoning was mostly based on Vietnam protest, not corporate protest, It could only have found acceptance if it represented a deeply held corporate opinion.  It also recommended a through defence based on money and corporate leverage, with professional research and coordination among groups.  All of this exists today.  Did Powell launch class warfare in the United States?

B – The polls on abortion have scarcely moved for years.  They are phrased as a yes/no question and show a fairly equal division.  However, if questions ask, “However you feel about abortion …”.  Where … can involve rape, medical risk, delay, etc. rejection of these what ifs rises to about 69%  Does this kind of question better reflect public opinion?

C – The good news is that the increase in green energy is now larger than the increase in fossil fuels.  This is five years earlier than most forecasts two years ago.  Can we still save the climate?

D –  The Journal of Brief Ideas is a Discussion Group Coordinator’s Valhalla.  For example, these 13 lines show how neighbourhoods become racially segregated over time even if preferences are initially very small, and then extends it to intellectual schools, i.e. Keynesians versus the wrong ones, and even outlines remedies.  Is the neighbourhood example convincing to you?  Are profs really biased?  Is it better to read some original 80 page articles?

E – Believe it or not, boring Canada now has a first class political scandal.  Mike Duffy, a senator now on trial for corruption, has been caught removing items from his diary that implicate him, Prim Minister Harper, and Enbridge in conspiring to limit critics of an Enbridge pipeline.

F – A couple of years ago when I first read this brief article, I thought it escalated to a uncontrolled diatribe. Now I tend to see things in a moral (really immoral) context.  Things are so bad that we require people like Dickens and Orwell to make us appreciate their immorality.  Agree?