LCS Discussion Group Bill Schrader Pavilion May 6, 2015 @ 12:00

A – Organ Donations prolong life, but every year people die while waiting.  One source, the informed consent of the living and healthy, is particularly helpful.  Some countries assume consent, but have an opt out form; others encourage opting in.  Opt out generates more donations and confrontation with family members who have not discussed things with the deceased.  Many require confirmation with the drivers’ licence and the wording affects the yield.  How far would you go to increase the yield? *

B – Many US states elect judges.  An article by the Chief Justice of Alabama shows how uninformed voters are, and how the real fight is for honest judging of business malfeasance.  Is there any way to improve judge selection?

C 1 – A terribly eloquent NYTimes editorial show the desperate plight of America’s blacks because even the 85% not in jail are mostly discriminated out of any job.  Can the US afford this situation any longer?  Can anything be done?

C 2  –  There is a lot of jargon in this brief argument, but the basic idea is that government social activity should start with agreement on a clear moral objective.  To address the Black issue (C – 1) may I propose that the three main objective might be:

    1. reduce interaction between the police and the blacks
    2. open good jobs to blacks on an equal basis
    3. improve schooling for blacks

Are any of these objectives the most important?  Are there other more important sub-objectives? With respect to any of them, what steps could be taken?

A vote for C 1 will be followed by a majority vote for C 2

D – PEN international (USA) gave a free speech award to Charlie Hebdo.  145 PEN members have objected citing the difference between free speech and “material that intensifies the anti-Islamic,

anti-Maghreb, anti-Arab sentiments already prevalent in the Western world.”  They say that arabs are marginalized in France, and it is wrong to enhance the majority behaviour.  What do you think?

E – What is your reaction to the narco warfare this


F –

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