LCS Discussion Group Bill Schrader Pavilion 5/6/2015

This time I am correcting some links

A –  Australian General Practitioners have issued a fairly uncompromising statement on homeopathy.  In spite of their recommendation to ban it from government programs, homeopathy has many faithful adherents.  Should homeopathy be banned from government programs?  Should it be banned period.

B – This article allows you to estimate how income affects college enrolment in the US, and then compare your estimate with the facts, and all the other ignorant guesses.  Aside from humility, I learned something about education and income.  These kids were born in the 1980’s, how do you think that  the current generation of babies will fare?

C – I cannot get people interested in the challenge of robotics.  Perhaps this video will help.  It shows that robots are being deployed in China with the aim to replace half their manufacturing workers.  Western nations shipped production to China in search of low wages;  in hindsight should they have engineered a “robotomy”?

D – I guess we should not leave for summer without a word on ISIS.  A lot of people feel they have overreached and will disappear soon – Do you agree?

E – As the fall election looms, Stephan Harper will not participate in the traditional French and English television debates.  Instead he wants up to five special debates.  Should the “debate” be the story?

F – If you read this article, you will find out the most predictable, and likely, disaster for humanity according to Bill Gates.  And the sad thing is that it can be prevented, but probably won’t be.  And it doesn’t even have billionaires getting us to look the other way.  Do you think Bill is right?

G – What are the odds of SEPP BLATTER serving his full term at FIFA.

Lastly, for summer thinking, I recommend a long talk by Hedrick Smith on his book; “Who Stole the American Dream”

Smith comes to the startling conclusion that our current economic misery is the result of a decades-long, attack planned and executed by the very rich and the very powerful.  Or as Warren Buffet said (with regret):

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

◦As quoted in “In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning” by Ben Stein, in The New York Times (26 November 2006)

Both talk, and book, are compelling.