LCS DISCUSSION GROUP Bill Schrader Pavilion Tuesday, 11 November, 2015 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

Tuesday, 11 November, 2015

12 noon to 13:30


A – How do you react to Obama’s Keystone decision?  What is its impact on the US, Canada and the rest of the world?  Is Canada especially badly hurt?

B – A related issue is emerging:  EXON and other companies have long fought regulations against global warming, while knowing that the science supporting them is sound.  They have also invested heavily in climate-friendly technology.  But not only have they misled the public, but also their own shareholders which may be against the law and is now under investigation.    How far can companies go in arguing against public interest?

C – Is world competition in sports – the Olympics, FIFA, World Cup, etc. – out of control?  I would argue that the cost of facilities is unreasonably high and that the winners – for both core competitions and world team sports like soccer and basketball – overwhelmingly come from the richest countries.  What does it mean?  Is it all as silly and vacuous as the opening and closing ceremonies?

D – Valiant Chemicals tactic of buying patents for “orphan drugs and raising their price rapaciously” may or may not be legal, but it is disruptive.  Should their be any limits on a companies right to set prices?

E – Be aware that the next Greece is Portugal! Europe looks shakier every day – think Euro governance issues, refugee neighbours, UK intransigence, etc. etc.  Is it worth saving, was it a bad idea, can it be saved?

F – ISIS is a puzzle?  It breaks all the rules of modern terrorism, like do not openly hold on to ground, and yet goes from strength to strength.  A truly good analyst of the Middle East cannot find a satisfactory answer.  I believe it will ultimately fail, but am reminded of their early history when they were propelled to victory by an unbeatable religious fervour.  What do you think?

G – Paul Krugman has turned into a hilarious fact-checker as the US election meanders on.  The columns are so good that most are now posted to the Opinion Pages as soon as they appear on his blog.  This one is a bute!  It not only makes fun of some republican candidates, but provides startling information on how poor US employment rates are relative to France.  Or maybe not – what do you think?


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