Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

18 November, 2015

12 noon to 13:30

LCS Discussion Group

A – A genie offers to take you back in time to baby Hitler’s nursery.  Would you kill him to save the world from terrible strife?  Think carefully – there might be complications!

B – A Dutch friend confirms my understanding that Geert Wilders is rabble rousing politician who is gaining ground as more and more refugees arrive.  But his recent letter to the NYTimes raises some profound issues.  What do you think?

C – Drug companies in America have the ability to set prices without direct competition for the 18 years + life of their patent.  This right is extended to foreign drug companies researching in America.  In all other countries governments controls significantly reduce pharma prices below those obtained in the US.  In recognition of this unique protection, the largest US drug company is moving its office off-shore to avoid taxes, and the prices of older drugs are being raised significantly to squeeze the last bucks out of their protected life.  Does this make you happy?

D – Is China’s government better than our democracies?

E – Canadians were appalled, if not surprised, to learn that the country has had a growing deficit ever since oil prices collapsed, and the new government may not be able to afford all its promises.  Who is to blame?

F – Just for the fun of it, list three things you believe are absolutely right?  Then on the second round you can disagree with some of your friends.

G – Since Ferguson St. Louis County towns can no longer balance the books with traffic fines, they now raise money by ticketing people for not walking on the right side of crosswalks; barbecuing in the front yard, except on national holidays; playing in the street; wearing one’s pants below the waist in public; and failing to have a screen on every door.  They get more money than before.  Is this progress?


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