LCS Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 6 January, 2016 12 noon to 13:30

 LCS Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

6 January, 2016

12 noon to 13:30

A – A long legal battle shows that Dupont give its shareholders and management team more priority than the health of its employees, their communities and its customers.  Government policy supports this focus.   And many of you who read this article to its unsatisfying conclusion will probably throw away some of your pots and pans.  Lastly, they manipulate away much of their tax liabilities.  Is there any way to control them?

B – In 2010 London had close to 10K premature deaths from nitrous oxide and fine soot from burning carbon – mostly in diesel engines.  So as we warm up slowly, we are also expiring more quickly from this “indispensable” energy source.  Portable monitors are being increasingly used by the media to focus on this problem so Beijing and Delhi are bing forced into taking action.  Will citizen data help?

C – Everyone who dies of colorectal cancer probably regrets not having a colonoscopy sooner.  The Mayo Clinic has developed a DNA used stool test which is more acceptable to people, cheaper, available in areas without expensive facilities, and just as accurate as colonoscopies, but cannot get it approved.  Why are they having problems with regulators?

D – Do you believe that many people are sensing global warming in the increasingly chaotic weather around them?  Will this eventually lead to a significant urge to deny “deniers” ?  Will that scepticism about industry-serving “science” spread to other areas?

E – Numbers talk.  Below is a table displaying revenue and profits for Fortune 500 Parma companies.  Note the revenues are in billions.  What does the table say to you?  What questions does it generate?

F – You may be surprised to learn that Putin is mostly winning problems from his unnecessary Syrian intervention.  As he ponders his options, many in the west are gloating, But his history of never admitting setbacks should sober us.  I can see no end to this completely uncivil war.  Can you?

G –  What is the best thing that happened last year?

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