6 February, 2016

A – Apparently, Michigan gave its state workers in Flint access to bottled water 8 months before publicly admitting that there was any problem with it.  Whatever the law says, should not the perpetrators of this outrage be punished for deceiving Flint citizens and risking thousands of children’s chance of a normal life?

B – Iran:  In the past few days, sanctions have been lifted, Iranian funds are being freed up, a prisoner exchange took place and it appears that Iran is keeping its end of the nuclear containment bargain. Yet US officials repeatedly maintain that it’s too early to think about improving relations with Iran. Is this wise? And what’s holding up any progress?

C – Some American states and Canadian provinces have imposed carbon taxes.  They work well and have wide public support.  If Alberta is planning to impose a carbon tax (and demanding pipelines at the same time), why not Newfoundland or Texas?

D – Are you happy with your medical care here at lakeside?  Care to share any experiences? Gary

E – Some of us, (me), mistakingly believed  that falling oil prices would give a significant boost to the economy. They have not.  Why?  Also; why did they fall?  When will they recover?

F – Aurther C. Clark, the President of the Heritage Institute and NYTimes columnist, annoys me by writing the occasionally good argument for the GOP.  Is victimhood one of them?

G –  Our news is now largely controlled by advertisers says this short rant.  One can still identify good papers. For instance, I cannot find a paper worth reading in Ottawa.  Has advertising-driven news led to the current GOP primary?

This is not an Issue (unless the group says it is).  IBM has let Watson – Its chess champion supercomputer – create recipes.  I find them complex, but they have excellent rating.  Go here, cook something, and let us know how many stars Watson should get on the Michelin Guide.

LCS Discussion Group Issues: Bill Schrader Pavilion
6 February, 2016; 12 noon to 13:30