Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 2 March, 2016 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

2 March, 2016

12 noon to 13:30


A – A U.S. court has ordered Apple to help the FBI get into the phone of a San Bernardino shooter. Apple says they will fight this decision tooth-and-nail. In much of the media, this is being portrayed as another conservative-liberal battle between security and freedom. This article argues that the argument is more nuanced. Where do you stand?     John

B – A student president at Jawaharlal Nehru University was charged under their sedition law.  The Hindustan Times argues that the law should be repealed in favour of free speech.  Agree?

C – Most big notes, such as US$100, Euro500, and Swiss1000, are circulated outside their country of origin and mostly for drug deals and other illegal big money transactions.  A million dollars in $100 notes weighs 22 pounds compared to 110 pounds for $20 notes.   Since virtually all legitimate transactions are now conducted electronically, should central banks take all these big bills out of circulation?    RICK

D – How do you eat when you are lakeside?  Home or out?  Mexican or same old same old?  Have yu changed since coming here?

E – Would you get (or have you had) your DNA sequenced for health or genealogy reasons? Do you think everyone should have access to health and genetic information that may lead them (or others) to make choices about their bodies they might not have ordinarily made (e.g. consider the problems of false positives and genetic discrimination)?  John

F – Do the American people have a rational wariness of terrorism?  Does their current government?

G – Most of us are aware of the benefits of hospice care for end-of-life treatment. But new research at NYU, Johns Hopkins and Imperial College in London could bring a revolution in that care using the drug psilocybin, derived from so-called magic mushrooms. A single dose can relieve the fear and anxiety experienced by the terminally ill. Is this something we should be doing after suppressing science in these areas for 50 years? Google psilocybin and hospice.  Check out this article.   Mac