Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 9 March, 2016 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

9 March, 2016

12 noon to 13:30


A –University professors are being held more accountable by some students and administrations to provide ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ for topics that might harm those with anxiety disorders (e.g. war vets, rape and domestic violence victims). They demand the right not to be bombarded by viewpoints that go against one’s most closely held beliefs. Are these concerns reasonable or not? This Atlantic article argues not.    John

B – While the media will not call the primaries over, do you believe that both the US presidential primaries will be won by the current leaders – Trump and Hillary?

C – Since Kant argued that ought implies can, most philosophers agree that one cannot be blamed for a promise she cannot possibly keep.  Some psychologists tested this logical claim with two variations.  First, a friend promised you a drive to the airport, but could not keep it because her car broke down.  Second, she ensured the car would break down, because it was to her advantage that you did not get on the plane.  The majority of students tested felt her deviousness dos not excuse her inability to get you to the airport.  Most philosophers don’t agree.  What about you?

D – When I am back up north, or even in Guadalajara, I drive saint-like and take no liberties with the rules.  Lakeside, with the exception of singling a turn, I do take liberties because it seems expected and it works.  How about you?

E – This last year saw a steep rise in hate groups in the U.S. This article suggests why. Do you agree?  John

F – Do the American people have a rational wariness of terrorism?  Does their current government?

G – American productivity has increased massively since the 1930’s and yet people work longer hours – when they work.  An NBR study argues that the determination to minimize government – where productivity increase is not so great – has resulted in a vicious fight for decreasing work opportunities that only helps the super rich.  Roger