Proposal: Learning for the Committed


Learning for the Committed

I like the discussion group.  We cover a lot of ground, share interesting insights, and learn.  But it is appetizers, not a main course. I also want the meat. I want to share some nutritious thoughts with people who have read about the field we are discussing, particularly the kick-off articles, and therefore can contribute efficiently to understanding the subject.

So here is the model I propose.

Any of us can propose a topic, accompanied by some reading, on the discussion group mailing list.  If the proposal attracts five (5) more participants they will get 60 to 90 minutes before a discussion group meeting.  The proposer will lead the discussion and circulate a report on the discussion.  The group may have additional meetings, open to new participants who commit to reading the old and new stuff.

I make two proposals as examples.  You may register for one or both, but I will not run two.  You may propose your own topic.  Think philosophy, social policy and politics, important science.  Respond on the Discussion Group website.

My proposals:

1 – I find this article to be a new take on consciousness.  Like the old serials on the Saturday movies of my youth, there is more to come.  But this sally destroy’s any approach I have seen so far, (and also echoes some recent brain concepts).

2 – The Donald has made commitments to the following groups:

a – poor white’s who fear loosing ground to blacks and immigrants

b – the Republican Party

c – the super rich and their business interests

d – the nation as a whole

In addition, he is appointing fellow “amateurs” over available experts leading to doubts over his administration’s competence.  This group could meet once a month to try and identify his priorities and success.  My initial articles are this and this on infrastructure, and this on education policy.

Observe that both proposals challenge the work ethic of elderly sun-lovers!