Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 25 December, 2017 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

25 December, 2016

12 noon to 13:30


A – A recent editorial by Krugman applies majority economics to analyze Trump/Republican economics.  Scary, or don’t you agree ?

B – This ingenious article features a comparison of public and expert views on the effectiveness of 29 gun control proposals.  I see a weak correlation between the two camps.  Trump supports one of the most and one of the least effective measures, and police seem to have a good and focused idea of what experts say works.  How do you feel about it?

C –Chronic pain is surprisingly common and about half of us will have experienced it.  It drives suicides, drug abuse, and joblessness.  But the numbers suggest that most just live with it.  Has it affected you or yours?  How can one cope?

D – This article says “The modern economy privileges the well-educated and highly-skilled, while giving them an excuse to denigrate the people at the bottom (both white and nonwhite) as lazy, untalented, uneducated, and unsophisticated.” and thereby drives the underclass resentment that populists are mobilizing across the developed world?  Do you agree?  How does it differ from Marxism?

E – How is the internet changing the way we work, socialize, play, and are manipulated?

F – For $49 billion British American Tobacco is buying Reynolds American.  What does this say about our current business focus?