Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 8 February, 2016 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

8 February, 2016

12 noon to 13:30


A – Lets analyze the strength of the TRUMP/GOP embrace across their various initiatives since Friday 13, 2017. Use the ven diagram on the second page.  Is TRUMP more interested in helping his base, or appearing to meet his election promises?  Is the GOP more interested in helping their business/plutocratic supporters or the base they share with Trump?  Are their any deep splits apparent, or only areas of passive support?

B – What is a reasonable salary for a fortune 100 CEO?  Should they receive bonuses on top of their salary?

C – Some psychologists find that right and left voters are moved by different arguments.  If parties agued, at least partly, with the other sides biases in mind:  would they gain ground? would bases begin to move closer? is this the responsibility of parties, or others like, for example, the media?

D – A really short article argues that time is not free.  For example some may trade off a half-hour of solitaire for thinking about this question?  Where do you make trade-offs?  What affects your choice?

E – Stock markets are at near all-time highs: interest rates are at historic lows; real estate prices are relatively high and risky.  There are large uncertainties for the USA, Canada and Mexico associated with the Trump Administration. The future of currency exchange rates is unclear.  If you were given a million dollars today, how would you invest it?  (Rick)




Agree? Disagree? Ven



I am too clumsy to get the diagram in.  Will have it on Wednesday unless someone clever does it for me.



Circle GOP contains everything GOP professes to believe in.

Circle TRUMP contains everything TRUMP professes to believe in.

Right now the circles are almost on top of each other although one might put “immigration police deporting family members” in the Trump only sliver since Paul Ryan said it won’t happen, but its scarcely visible since TRUMP has not said “will so”. Of course TRUMP believe more strongly in TRUMP than the GOP does.

As time goes on each partner will start to quibble with the other and the one side only slices will grow.  It is interesting to speculate what these open ruptures may be.  There have clearly already been some ruptures on foreign policy where the GOP will not support TRUMP’s pre-emptive claim approach.  So far TRUMP has not chafed at GOP’s attacks on his base’s interest (i.e. legaly dishonest brokers, union busting), but he may.

What other open fissures may arise?

Will these open disagreements alone lead to an open split between GOP and TRUMP?  Or does an open split require TRUMP to look like a liability to the GOP in the next election?