Discussion Group Issues Bill Schrader Pavilion 22 March 2017 12 noon to 13:30

Discussion Group Issues

Bill Schrader Pavilion

22 March 2017

12 noon to 13:30


A – Will brain science change criminal law? (See next page?)

B – Krugman has made a broad attack on Trumpcare going from technical “facts” to his view of their implications.  Were do you get off his logical chain of argument?  (see next page)

C – The corporate tax system is unfair (Canada too).  Can anything be done?  Technically? Politically?

D – What should be done to rein in North Korea’s nuclear push?  Can we avoid “winning” a nuclear war?

E – I am biased towards big questions and have to admit I am sounding desperate lately.  Tell me some good big news.

F – Can Justin save Canadian/US relations?


No Philosophy IS / LM

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Question !: Will brain science change criminal law?

“In all likelihood, the brain is a causal machine, in the sense that it goes from state to state as a function of antecedent conditions. The implications of this for criminal law are absolutely nil. For one thing, all mammals and birds have circuitry for self-control, which is modified through reinforcement learning (being rewarded for making good choices), especially in a social context. Criminal law is also about public safety and welfare. Even if we could identify circuitry unique to serial child rapists, for example, they could not just be allowed to go free, because they would be apt to repeat. Were we to conclude, regarding, say, Boston priest John Geoghan, who molested some 130 children, ‘It’s not his fault he has that brain, so let him go home,’ the result would undoubtedly be vigilante justice. And when rough justice takes the place of a criminal justice system rooted in years of making fair-minded law, things get very ugly very quickly.”

—Patricia Churchland, professor of philosophy and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego

Look at other consequences also, i.e. if brain scans can identify lies should they be mandatory?

Krugman – Issue B

1 – Trumpcare bad 8 – T ran as strong populist

2 – Failure huge defeat 9 – GOP base in media bubble

OC versusTC10 – no OC might pop bubble

3 – help many hurt many 11 – Europe populist “herrenfolk”

4 – hurt 2% help 2% 12 – T is fake populist

5 – populist oligarchic

6 – T/GOP ran as populist

7 – DEM real populists lost